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Micro Maisonette from Xanita Print


The two great challenges facing residential design are sustainability and affordability. doing more with less can address both issues: smaller will be more efficient and also more cost effective. one way forward will be to build compact and succinct. This is a prototype of a 15sqm apartment: a micro maisonette, a functional dwelling in the space of a 4x3m room. The furniture is full size, arranged so that it can be folded away, thus one space can be a kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, workspace etc adaptable, depending on the function required.

This is a full scale prototype model, made to test ideas. It is constructed from a fully recyclable cardboard product xanita xb. we anticipate that the future micro maisonette would be made from materials using this core element, clad with sustainable linings such as laminates, no voc mdf and plywood. This is an exercise in compact living, suitable for gen y, backpackers, campus accommodation etc creating a flexible dwelling, socially relevant with a reduced footprint


ideas, sweat + tears: environa studio
tom singleton
natalie bevan
blair young
jan o’connor
tone wheeler

muscle: andrew soutar construction
brett, adam, jock and andrew

snaps: wheeler studios – tim wheeler


Xanita :
Xanita is a new generation composite fibre board with exceptionally high strength-to-weight ratio. the core is manufactured from recycled kraft papers and organic adhesives with good sound absorption and high flexural strength. A repulpable, paper composite board for environmentally friendly design and building applications. The product is a printable kraft-based, reinforced board with excellent stability and lay-flat properties for internal applications. Comes in a variety of board sizes and thicknesses

Ecospective :

Enito palm wood is a flooring product made from aged plantation grown coconut palms. 100% formaldehyde free, tongue and groove solid hardwood boards manufactured without any lamination, the product is durable and available in a natural or coated finish and can be custom treated.
orica wood care :
enviropro floor finish is a high performance, premium, eco, water based coating

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