Parallax Digital

Super Converter

Parallax has evolved into one of the nation’s most experienced and versatile signage and graphics print production resources. We offer our customers end-to-end solutions for indoor and outdoor signage as well as exhibit and décor services. Combining cutting-edge print production expertise from small to large and grand formats with the latest technologies and blended with a wide array of manufacturing processes.


Active Display Group


ADG have been working with Xanita and utilising the X-Board product range for 8 years in Australia. We have successfully introduced the products to our range of Brand and Retail clients with great success.

This usage has varied from long runs of FSDU’s where the actual board is concealed with print and edging through to pop up shops, signage and displays, where we have showcased the rustic look of the craft liner and exposed edge.
We have found X Board to be extremely well constructed and conversion is reliable and without unexpected issues.

We print directly to white-lined stock on our HP 10000 flatbed press or 5 Colour Sias screen printing press.

We also print self adhesive vinyl on one of our reel to reel presses and cold laminate to the X Board stock where this method of production suits.
We also cut the stock in house on one of our Konsberg cutting tables.
This gives us the perfect suite of manufacturing equipment to best utilize the Xanita board range.


Resource Design

Events & Expos

Working hand in hand with Xanita since 2011 Resource Design aims to establish the use of Xanita fibre board as a sustainable product in the exhibitions, events and promotional industries.

Exhibitions and conferences are recognized as of the most wasteful industries in the world. Resource offers alternative designs to the world of aluminum, plastic and MDF . Clean, efficient, reusable and all the other attributes are fast making this offering the benchmark not only for sustainable expos but for expo stands in general. With immediate visual results and financial sustainability as a key USP Xanita board and Resource Design also rank as a world benchmark for eco-design.

Creations Group


Creations Group has been working closely with Xanita for almost 7 years. Xanita boards have transformed our business and opened up valuable doors into many customer groups, industries and applications that we never thought possible. X-Board is an incredibly versatile product and we are constantly finding new uses for it. Our main markets for X-Board are point of sale displays, exhibition stands, shopfitting and general signage.

Xanita’s library of cut files is vast and continually expanding and covers many applications and product segments. The consistency and quality of X-Board is second to none and the flatness of the board is superb, which is critically important for flatbed printing.

We’ve enjoyed incredible support from Xanita in the form of marketing resources, design ideas, and targeted initiatives.
No matter how large or small the project, we have received a very high level of support from the global Xanita support team.

Engview Systems

Parametric Software

We at EngView Systems are proud to be working with Xanita team since 2010, promoting Xanita board, the lightweight, eco-friendly and amazingly strong material that allows designers to create fascinating structures of long-lasting sturdiness. Over the years it has been a privilege for us to apply our expertise in the development of parametric designs for Xanita board, taking into account every specific of the rigid board conversion.

As a result of our partnership, we have been able to expand EngView Package & Display Designer Suite’s library of POP/POS displays with a new section dedicated to Xanita board designs. We have made these structures parametric to be easily resized and edited with the EngView Packaging Suite. We are constantly adding new designs, and look forward to expanding the EngView-Xanita collaboration.