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Developing beautifully simple design solutions to complex problems

Ross Gardam is an Australian furniture and lighting company established in 2007. Each product is hand crafted in Melbourne, Australia, by local artisans and makers. Pairing traditional craft techniques with high end manufacturing technology results in products which are elegant, accessible and made for today. All products are designed by Ross Gardam and embody a unique contemporary aesthetic.

Ross Gardam has worked extensively in environmental, interior and product design. He has worked for a number of large commercial firms in Australia and abroad to develop beautifully simple design solutions to complex problems.

Gardam has designed, developed and exhibited a number of acclaimed furniture and lighting products. Much of his early work involved efficiency in material use and exploration of sustainable design principles. He works alongside local manufacturers and artisans to bring his products to fruition. Gardam is currently working with Stylecraft, one of Australia’s leading product distributors.

Pure and simple. Nice work Ross!

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