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More often than not the key is looking at the end-to-end costs, all the way from materials to installation. For example If we had to do a direct sheet comparison between Xanita board and MDF for example, there is a good chance that Xanita board will be more expensive. However, when you take the time to look at ALL of the costs involved for the entire project, you will be realistically looking at a 30-40% saving on the total costs.


Think end-to-end costs, not material costs…” 


Looking at some of those end-to-end cost savings:


The faster your turnaround time (from order to delivery), the lower your overhead cost per unit produced. This in turn means lower overall cost per project. 

With Xanita board you’re cutting out many of the processes that you have with materials like MDF. There is an  incredibly streamlined & fast process from design to finished product.

Reduced labour cost.

With increased speed and reduced processes, you’re inevitably going to need fewer people in the production cycle.

Fewer raw materials. 

Assess the amount & cost of any materials needed to complete a project. Could you reduce this without making the solution less desirable?

How about simply using a material that is premium (yet sustainable), but it allows you to deliver a finished product without the need for added laminates, foils or vinyls.

Faster installation 

Although we design and engineer with varying levels of complexity, there are underlying principles that we almost always follow: 

  • Assemble from flat-packed state
  • No need for power tools or heavy equipment on-site.
  • Self set-up & safe to set-up, no need for contractors or union workers.
  • No need to paint, prime or glue on-site.
  • Accessories needed are either provided or readily available from any DIY/hardware store.
  • Can be broken down (flat) for reuse or easy disposal (recycling)



Because Ackermans looked at the end-to-end costs they had a seven figure saving on a multistore installation.




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