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Wines of South Africa 2015

Viewed as one of the premier wine expo’s in the Southern hemisphere and the most comprehensive wine expo in South Africa, the  WOSA (Wines of South Africa) Cape Wine Expo features almost all of the top wineries from the Western Cape. The Wines of South Africa Expo organisers delivered an amazing expo which saw hundreds of printed Xanita board structures flat-packed and quickly installed. The lightweight nature and flat-packability of the stands make them perfect for later re-use by the exhibiting wineries.

This was the second time that Xanita board was specced as the preferred material for the event. With the events focus on locally sourced and sustainable solutions it made sense that Xanita board would be an obvious choice. The fact that production time, labour costs and setup times were greatly reduced, simply added to the overall benefit for the WOSA organisers.










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