DATE: Q4 2017

MATERIAL: Xanita Board Print 16mm

TYPE: Bulkhead – Shopfitting

The Challenge

We were tasked with designing a bulkhead that would look like OSB (Chipboard) for SportScene. The reason why actual OSB was not feasible was due to the Bulkheads size and the weight of OSB. 

The Solution

Xanita was specced as the preferred material to solve SportScene’s problem based on three key factors, Xanita board in light weight, it can be printed on directly (saving costs) and because it’s a thick substrate Xanita board is able to mimic the density of OSB.

Project Name

Project Name

Subheading for the project


The entire bulkhead stretched over an area of 16.5meters X 21.5meters. Due to its size it had to be split up into 8 sections. The bulkhead also has a curve which means there are varying fin lengths, ranging from 3700mm to 2200mm.

Due to the curve the design became more complicated as it wasn’t a case of creating 4 or 5 cut files that got repeated over the length of the bulkhead. For this project, every single element of the bulkhead was different and in turn required it’s own cut-file and print-file.

The entire installation was done with no reverts from the installers and the only minor challenge mentioned was making cutouts to factor in the sprinkler system.

Final Figures

Turn around time: Cut files and print files: About 1.5 weeks
Manufacture and Pre assembly: 1 week
Installation: Outsourced
Total cut files : 117
Total print files : 117
Aluminum Frames: 8
Suspending cables: 52
Total Square meters of X-board used: 298 square meters

Project Features


Fast Turnaround Time

Direct Print

Custom Design

Flat Packed

Fast Installation