DATE: October 17

MATERIAL: Xanita Board Print 16mm

TYPE: Exhibition Booth

The Challenge

To build an attention grabbing booth that speaks to the structural capabilities of Xanita board. The underlying challenges was the 20x20ft booth needed to ship in a pallet roughly 1/10th the booth size and that it would only be assembled by two people.

The Solution

Putting our decade of experience to work we did a full digital model and build with minimal prototyping. We designed to maximise impact and floorspace, but also allow for compact packing for shipping. The biggest design boon was being able to keep the design manageable for only two people to set up the booth.

SGIA Printing

SGIA Printing

Dark Wood Grain
SGIA Printing

SGIA Printing

Light Wood Grain & Infografics
The Test Build

The Test Build

So everything works.
Pallet Wrapping

Pallet Wrapping

All Flat-Packed & ready to go
The Build Begins...

The Build Begins...

Army of Two
Final Touches

Final Touches

Now the real work begins...

It’s not often that an idea comes to fruition, this is especially true in the business sense. For every success story we see, there are hundreds, thousands,or even millions that don’t.

But this is not a story about success or failure, rather the story of the journey that has brought us here. It’s important to paint the picture of our beginning, just a couple of friend sitting around a kitchen table a little over a decade ago, with some wine, an idea and a dream. So often this scenario is where these ideas are both born and die, but not this time…

We set out to develop a product that not only performed a function, it would also be the best in its category. It would be premium and superior in every way, all the while being free from volatile organic compounds and sustainable.

When Xanita first began producing board the excitement was high but market knowledge was limited. We put the board out there but know one knew what to do with it, there was plenty of interest and people loved the idea of Xanita board, but they simply didn’t have the knowhow to work with it…

Project Features

Custom Design

The design incorporated an ambitious dual bulkhead with several unique freestanding elements.

Direct Printing

Two wood grains we're the printed to give the stand a dynamic contrast, as well as showcase the ability to mimic heavy expensive materials.


The booth needed to be shipped from Cape Town to New Orleans, The pallet that the booth shipped in was roughly 1/10th the size of the built booth.

100% Recycled

None of the booth went to landfill.

Fast Setup

The booth was setup well before the any other booths in the hall

Cost Saving

The cost of our custom booth + shipping from South Africa to the USA was still cheaper than the generic 20x20ft booths in the catalogue.