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About Rhino’s

By 2013, at least 618 rhino have been killed in South Africa and the
number is increasing. Rhino conservation efforts range from creating and
protecting new wild populations, engaging rural communities and fighting
to combat the illegal rhino horn trade.

Team Effort

• Head On Design designed and commissioned the making of the rhino on
behalf of Woolworths.
• Woodheads initiated an order of 32mm X-Board Kraft from Xanita and
cut the boards, using their dieless cutting machine. This was based on a
design from Head On Design.

Image Description

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Woolworths Rhino Campaign


DATE: 2013

Product: N/A

TYPE: Awareness campaign

The Brief

Woolworths launched the ‘Help Save Our Rhino’ campaign and commissioned Head On Design to supply
an environmentally friendly material that would be used to create life–size rhino shop displays.

The Campaign

Through the sales of bags, a range of sweets and bracelets, the ‘Help
Save Our Rhino’ campaign was rolled out in Woolworths stores across
the country. In selected stores T-shirts were also sold and a percentage
of the sales were donated to WWF–SA’s, Wildlife ACT Fund and the EWT
MyPlanet Rhino Fund. The campaign urged people to do the following:
• Buy a Woolworths rhino T-shirt.
• Buy a Woolworths rhino bag.
• Buy Woolworths ‘Every Paw Print Counts’ range of sweets,
bracelets and bags.
• Become a MyPlanet supporter.

Why Xanita Board?

Xanita Board Kraft is eco-friendly – made from post-consumer repulped cellulose fibres such as kraft cardboard boxes. By using our most eco-friendly composite board, we could align ourselves with the core element of this campaign. Xanita Board Kraft boasts positive impacts on the environment.

National Roll Out & Success

The national roll-out of this campaign created an amazing presence
for rhino awareness in South Africa. The reach of this campaign was
phenomenal – creating a stronger backing, from the nation, for the issue we
are faced with in our country – the rhino facing near extinction.