DATE: June 2013

MATERIAL: Xanita Board Print 16mm

TYPE: Bulkheads

The Challenge

As part of the Mall’s facelift, a series of large bulkheads spanning the length of the main ceiling had been specced to add to both the athstetics and acoustics of the mall. The main challenge was weight as many materials  were simply too heavy to suspend from the existing roof structure.

The Solution

The lightweight nature and direct printability of Xanita board made it the perfect material for the application. There were some additional un expected benefits to using Xanita board, namely the installation was much quicker than it would’ve been if another heavier material was used – the bulkheads were installed over night. And the bulkheads improved the acoustics in the mall. 


Gazing up at a ceiling isn’t something people do often. Next time you are strolling through the center of Maponya Mall, looking up you will notice the Xanita Board bulkheads.

Back in June 2013 we had a team from SA Rope Access dangling from the ceiling like our very own Spider-men.

They successfully installed 30 white box bulkheads as part of their shopping mall revamp. All 6 x 2.4 meters in size & made of Recyclable & Eco-Friendly Xanita Board Print. The box bulkheads are simply suspended from the existing infrastructure using stainless steel cables.

Xanita Board bulkheads come in all shapes & sizes… not to mention the variety of colours available, using large format digital flatbed printers.

Like we always say… The possibilities are only limited my your imagination.

Project Features

Custom Design

Direct Printing