I Love Spice

Retail FSU
Trade unit

The I Love Spice unit that was in trade.

Alternative design

Design flexibility allowed for alternative design options to be quickly rendered

Modular Design

The modular design allowed for different size units to be assembled.



DATE: 2015

Product: Spice

TYPE: Retail FSU

The Challenge

‘I Love Spice’ is a new entrant into the spice market in South Africa. The spice category is highly competitive with limited shelf space within retail outlets. New products are up against well established brands. Creating sales from just shelf space alone is a challenge.

I Love Spice needed an FSU to:

  • Alert the shopper to the new range in the spice category.
  • Showcase the entire range of spice blends available.
  • Merchandise the range adjacent to complementary produce to stimulate trial impulse purchase.
  • Fit into a variety of retail environments.
  • Offer a lifespan of at least a year in trade.

Their packaging is unique, simple and fresh. This Free Standing Unit reflects this and more importantly, grabs the shoppers attention by delivering a simple message.

The Solution

Our design team developed a stackable Free Standing Unit (FSU) to accommodate all the varieties of the ‘I Love Spice’ range. The unit is simple with a header that delivers the excellent branding.

The unit is flat-packable, easy to assemble and fast to install. This guarantees 100% execution in trade.