DATE: 2016

MATERIAL: Xanita Board Print 16mm/Kraft 16mm

TYPE: Exhibition Booths 

The Challenge

Genop faced the challenge of creating an expansive 20m x 12m exhibition stand that needed to be both easy to set up and transportable. This posed a dual challenge: not only did the stand need to be large-scale but also lightweight and manageable for assembly, without requiring extensive manpower or heavy machinery.

The Solution

To meet these challenges, we developed a comprehensive solution using Xanita board. With over 500 panels, we crafted a sturdy exhibition stand with two large bulkheads, a 20-meter main wall, and a 12-meter secondary wall. The lightweight Xanita board made handling easy, reducing setup personnel.

Additionally, the flat-packable design simplified transportation, allowing for seamless packing into boxes. Unlike traditional setups requiring heavy lifting machinery, our solution streamlined setup, minimizing logistical complexities.


Genop, a leader in their industry, sought to make a bold statement at an upcoming exhibition. However, their vision for an expansive exhibition stand posed logistical challenges that required an innovative solution. Recognising the need for a lightweight yet robust material, Genop turned to Xanita board.

Our collaboration with Genop exemplified our commitment to providing tailored solutions that meet the diverse needs of our clients. By leveraging the unique properties of Xanita board, we were able to design and construct a large-scale exhibition stand that exceeded expectations.

From the initial design phase to the final setup, our team worked closely with Genop to ensure every detail met their specifications. The result was a stunning exhibition stand that not only showcased Genop’s brand and products but also demonstrated the versatility and efficiency of Xanita board.

Through our partnership with Genop, we showcased the power of innovation and collaboration in creating impactful brand experiences. The exhibition stand not only drew attention at the event but also highlighted the potential of Xanita board as a sustainable and practical solution for large-scale exhibitions.

Project Features

Custom Design

Direct Printing



Fast Setup

Multiple Applications