DATE: 2012-2017

MATERIAL: Xanita Board Print/Kraft 16mm & 10mm

TYPE: Expo Stands Brand Spaces

The Challenge

Our challenge was dual-fold: we needed to effectively spotlight the diverse range of Distell brands, each with its own unique narrative, while also ensuring our approach aligned seamlessly with Distell’s sustainability ethos. With numerous brands participating, each with distinct identities and marketing objectives, we faced the task of providing a solution that could accommodate this diversity while remaining true to our commitment to sustainability.

The Solution

Xanita board was the perfect solution to address both Distell sustainability and versatility requirements. With Xanita board being fully recyclable, direct printable, flat-packable, and non-toxic, it emerged as the ideal material for constructing the varied exhibition stands needed for the Distell brands. Its distinctive properties enabled us to craft bespoke exhibition stands tailored to the unique stories and identities of each Distell brand, ensuring they were effectively showcased.

Moreover, the flat-packable nature of the exhibition stands facilitated effortless transportation and on-site assembly, streamlining logistics and contributing significantly to our sustainability endeavours. This not only simplified the logistical process but also underscored our commitment to minimising environmental impact.


Distell, as one of the largest alcohol companies in South Africa, needed an exhibition solution that matched its stature and showcased its diverse portfolio of brands effectively. Our partnership with Distell exemplified our dedication to providing tailored, high-impact solutions that meet the diverse needs of our clients.

By utilising X-board as the foundation for the exhibition stands, we not only showcased the unique narratives of each Distell brand but also demonstrated our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that drive brand visibility and engagement. The ease of assembly and transportation of the exhibition stands further reinforced our dedication to efficiency and client satisfaction.

Through our collaboration with Distell, we demonstrated the power of innovation and customisation in creating impactful brand experiences that resonate with audiences. Together, we set a new benchmark for brand exhibitions within the alcohol industry, showcasing the strength and diversity of Distell’s portfolio while delivering a seamless and memorable experience for attendees.

Project Features

Custom Design

Direct Printing