DATE: 2009-2015

MATERIAL: Xanita Board Print 16mm/Kraft 16mm

TYPE: Exhibition Booths (Entire Event) / Signage

The Challenge

To provide a sustainable solution for multiple applications within the Design Indaba. From signage, stands, interactive features and stage decoration…etc. More importantly, the requirement was to allow for creative expression and not a generic solution. With core concepts and themes such as Make Change, Emerging Creatives and Design for Change , the task was to express those visually as much as possible.

The Solution

This is where the beauty and versatility of Xanita board really shine through. The flexibility of Xanita board allows for a virtually limitless number of design possibilities and the relatively simple task of direct printing and CNC cutting, makes bringing these bespoke designs from concept to reality far more feasible and ultimately doable.


The annual Design Indaba Expo is part of the largest curated design event in the Southern Hemisphere. The expo showcases exciting creative spaces that are well designed, homegrown and sustainable.
Design Indaba is a multifaceted platform committed to a better world through creativity.


Design for change. Design for good. Design for a better world. These are the ideals that fuel Design Indaba’s drive for a better world through design, creativity and innovation. Through the use of eco-friendly X-Board, we made a valuable contribution.

By using X-Board
the expo could align themselves with creativity as well as an environmental
approach. It could also be reused or easily recycled afterwards.

Project Features

Custom Design

Direct Printing



Fast Setup

Multiple Applications