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We are delighted to share some exciting news that will revolutionize the way you access Xanita board. As a leader in eco-friendly fiberboard solutions, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Xanita European Hub, set to go live this August. This game-changing initiative will provide customers across mainland Europe with unprecedented access to Xanita board, delivered directly from us to your doorstep within days.

Why Xanita Board?

Before we delve into the details of the European Hub, let’s take a moment to appreciate the incredible properties of Xanita board. Our fiberboard is not just another wide format printing material; it’s a sustainable, versatile, and high-performance solution that embraces the principles of circular economy and environmental consciousness.

At Xanita, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability. Every Xanita board is fully repulpable, free from VOC’s and harmful substances. As a result, you get a lightweight yet incredibly strong material that lends itself to various applications in POP display, retail shopfitting, VMSD, exhibition stands, signage, and much more.


The Xanita European Hub

Xanita has always been committed to making our materials accessible to all, and the European Hub is a testament to that vision. Until now, customers in mainland Europe could purchase Xanita board through various distributors and retailers, but the process often involved intermediaries, which could sometimes impact pricing and availability.

With the opening of the Xanita European Hub, all that changes. Now, customers across mainland Europe will have direct access to Xanita board, enabling them to streamline their supply chain and gain better control over their projects’ timelines and budgets. This exciting development is set to revolutionize the way sustainable construction materials are sourced and utilized throughout the continent.

The location of the Xanita European Hub is a strategic choice that aligns perfectly with our commitment to sustainability and efficiency. Situated in the Netherlands, a country renowned for its progressive environmental policies and eco-conscious mindset, this central European location enables us to optimize logistics and reduce transportation distances. The Netherlands’ robust infrastructure and well-connected networks will allow us to deliver Xanita board pallets swiftly and seamlessly to customers across Europe. Additionally, the country’s strong emphasis on renewable energy and green initiatives resonates deeply with our own values, making it an ideal base for our hub. We are excited to be a part of the Netherlands’ green movement and contribute to the country’s reputation as a leader in sustainability. From this location, we look forward to strengthening our partnership with European customers and fostering a greener, more sustainable construction industry across the continent.


Advantages of the Xanita European Hub

Here are the key advantages that you can expect when ordering Xanita board through our new hub:

  • “On-demand” ordering: Customers can now order by the pallet as needed, as opposed to full container orders.
  • Enhanced Sustainability: With a more direct supply chain, Xanita can better manage its environmental impact, reducing transportation emissions and packaging waste, and reinforcing its commitment to sustainability.
  • Improved Cost-Effectiveness: Cutting out intermediaries can lead to more competitive pricing, making Xanita board an even more attractive choice for projects of all sizes and budgets.
  • Faster Delivery Times: Streamlined logistics and the hub’s location mean you’ll receive your order within days not weeks, enabling projects to move forward with increased efficiency.
  • Expert Guidance: The Xanita European Hub will also provide valuable support and guidance to customers, helping them choose the right products and explore the full potential of Xanita board in their construction endeavors.

The Xanita European Hub marks a significant milestone in our journey to provide Xanita board to the global market. From August onwards, ordering Xanita board pallets directly from us will be quick, easy, and efficient, giving you the opportunity to embrace sustainability without compromising on performance or creativity.

Join us in celebrating this new chapter as we work together to create a more sustainable and eco-conscious future for generations to come. We look forward to serving you through the Xanita European Hub and seeing the incredible projects you will bring to life with our eco-friendly Xanita board.

Stay tuned for the grand opening of the Xanita European Hub, and get ready to embark on a greener, more sustainable journey with Xanita!

To find out more about how you can order, or to get pricing contact: sales@xanita.com

Please note that the European hub will not service the UK & Ireland. Antalis UK remains our exclusive distribution partner in that region.

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