Xanita MDF is currently only manufactured by panel-pressing partners in South Africa and Australia.
Xanita MDF panels are lightweight, dent-resistant fibreboards consisting of a Xanita closed-cell kraft paper core sandwiched between thin MDF skins.
Panels are recommended for long-term indoor applications and are especially suitable for flat-packed designer furniture, semi-solid doors and ceiling beams where a high impact surface is required.
The MDF skins can be surface-decorated with paint, melamine films, PVC films, high pressure laminates, genuine and reconstituted veneers and other such skins.

Board Dimensions

  • 1220 x 2440
  • 1220×3600
  • Other sizes pressed to order

Thickness available

  • From 12 to 60mm


Applications for Xanita MDF:

  • Point of sale displays
  • In-store furnishings
  • Customer Exhibition Stands
  • Flat Pack Furniture
  • Architectural Doors
  • Ceiling Beams and Bulkheads

All applications are lightweight, yet load bearing, easily flat packed for storage.


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