Xanita Print Partners

So you own an industrial flatbed printer with CNC cutting table, right?

We get that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to processing rigid print substrates.

So why should you invest in converting Xanita boards?

What’s the big print opportunity?

For starters, the global market for sustainable, printed displays is growing a lot faster than most are aware of.
Observe the tidal wave of upcycled, recycled, biodegradable, recyclable & PVC-Free print substrates showcased at the world’s biggest print industry trade shows. Then ask yourself what market demand is being satisfied?

As the print industry comes under increased scrutiny for imaging onto non-renewable plastics derived from oil, questions are being asked by end-users of the CO2 footprint of those materials. It doesn’t take much online research to learn that plastic-based substrates generate up to 800% more CO2 emissions than natural, cellulose-fibre based boards, particularly boards those with high post-consumer recycled content using recycled water plants.

…and that’s where Xanita board comes into play.

So how large is this market?” you ask?

Consider this. Statistics show that over 100 million cubic metres of particleboard & MDF are consumed annually around the world. That’s a staggering 22,000 x 40ft containers every week, of every year.

Most of these formaldehyde-filled engineered wood panels are laminated with melamine papers or vinyl films. (Think kitchen cupboards, office and home furniture, retail store fitouts, custom expo stands, doors etc.)

Print imaging with water-based UV inks directly onto Xanita Print  board, for applications that only have to last 1 to 5 years indoors claws away at the engineered wood market.

That’s the emerging market space you’ll be selling into when you convert Xanita structures. It’s in this streak of “brown gold” that you’ll carve out a market for your businesss, be it print-personalised coffins and caskets, veneer-effect bulkheads, bespoke or mass-customised expo stands and branded re-usable furniture, semi-permanent retail store fitouts, pop-up shops, student furniture, pinboards etc. 

Still don’t believe us? Continue reading and checkout the link below to over 1,200 Xanita project photos on Fickr.

Xanita delivers the following:

  • highest grade board
  • highest recycled content highest crush strength
  • highest flexural strength
  • refrigeration-grade liner
  • hot-melt adhesive applied liner. (the only composite fibreboard manufacturer in the world as far as we know)
  • multiple sheet thicknesses
  • white and kraft finishes

If you’ve been invited to sign-up as a Xanita Print Partner, you’ll receive unmatched supplier collaboration and the following support resources:

  • Free Online Training Academy Access
  • 90% discount on hundreds of CNC cut-files in our Online Design Store.
  • Free Customer Support Portal for job ticketing.
  • Subsidised 3D Design Service.
  • Competitively priced Xanita board in multiple thicknesses / sheet sizes.
  • Free use of Xanita project images on your own website.
  • Free digital catalogue with your own branded front and rear covers.
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer relationships to leverage off.
  • Design Software Advice.

This is a compelling offer not made by Xanita to every display printer.

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