CNC Cutting Table Partners

Xanita’s Print & Kraft grade boards are used by clients of the world’s leading CNC cutting tables.

If you’ve demonstrated Xanita Print or Kraft boards being machine processed at a trade show, we would love to hear from you.

Please email your photos along with details of the show to and we will publish this on on our social channels.

CNC Gallery

UV Inkjet Printer Partners

Xanita’s Print & Kraft grade boards are used daily on UV-cured flatbed printers from the world’s leading original equipment manufacturers.

UV Printer Gallery

We are building a gallery set to showcase photos of Xanita Print being printed around the world. Please help us grow this by submitting your photos to

Xanita MDF – CNC Partners

Xanita MDF board is processed differently to Xanita Print and Kraft boards, which use oscillating and V-cut knife blades.
Xanita MDF requires special router bits to cut through the 3-9mm MDF sandwich skins and centre Xanita core, leaving a perfect edge for traditional machine edge-banding. Xanita MDF is also cut on a sliding table or panel saw.

OEM Edge-bender Partner

Alu Bender Photo mills off and bends over a small portion of the printed surface of light panels with a thick core which needs to be hidden from sight