What is Xanita board?

Creative, renewable, non-toxic fibreboards

Xanita board is an engineered wood panel, made from upcycling used cardboard boxes and waste sugar-cane fibres. These natural cellulose fibres are pulped and turned into a tough kraft paper and then through some smart engineering, into a lightweight board. Seriously, it’s MUCH more than a cardboard. Available worldwide!

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Exhibition Designer

Xanita board stands and displays are quick to assemble, light and flat packable, ideal for events and exhibition spaces.

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Xanita MDF, particleboard and Plywood skinned composite panels offer excellent long-term solutions for architects.

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Retail Store Designer

Xanita Board is ideal for short-term retail displays such as point-of-purchase displays and brand activation.

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Door Manufacturer

Xanita board panels up to 100mm thick can be combined with any decorative sandwich skins for use on doors, cabinets and more!

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Brand Manager

Make your brand stand out. Xanita Board can be used for displays, merchandising and stocking systems.

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Xanita Board is printable, strong, weight-bearing, light-weight, sustainable and highly customisable. Anything you can think of…

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